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Spring Announcements!

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Spring Updates

It's nice to be out of the winter cold and start seeing the sun come out. Here in Minnesota we still see a bit of snow in March, but the lake is thawed and the yard is clear. It feels nice to go out without a jacket sometimes.

The change of seasons means new soap scents! This spring we have a pair of new ones for your consideration. But first things, first.

New Season Scents Not Themed

Up until now, our seasonal releases have been themed - I've tried to make the winter soap evoke winter or Christmas, etc. That can be fun, but it can also result in very niche or novelty scents.

I'd rather spend my time working on scents with a wider appeal. So while the new scent release will continue to follow the change of seasons, I think that the Limited Editions and novelty scents are going taking a break for a while.

Instead, new scents will "trying out" for a spot in the permanent roster during their season. If there is plenty of interest and positive feedback, it will stay. If not, it won't be made any more.

New Soap Scents for Spring


Tiamat Shaving SoapIn ancient Mesopotamia, Tiamat was the name of the mother of dragons. So I thought it was perfect for this scent suggested by the mother of my little dragons.

Tiamat combines dragon's blood and amber resins with vanilla, then rounds it out with subtle florals. The resulting scent is smooth, with a bit of spiciness and a bit of sweetness. A great scent for men and women.

Tiamat will be available as a shaving soap, bath soap, lotion bar, and Scale Polish.

Tiamat will go on sale Saturday, March 26th

Terre Du Dragon

Terre Du Dragon shave soapI originally never intended to do a duplicate of an existing scent. But when I bought this dupe of Terre d'Hermes for my own use, I fell in love.

Thus Terre Du Dragon was born. The scent opens with orange and grapefruit. The base is vetiver, cedar and patchouli. It's a warm scent, but not heavy.

This scent will be available in shaving soap and Scale Polish. A bath soap may follow in the weeks to come.

Terre Du Dragon will go on sale Saturday, March 26th.

Other New Items

We'll have a few other items added to the store next weekend as well.

  • Frankincense & Myrrh Bath Soap
  • Bakewell Tart Bubbly Wubbly Soapy Woapy Stuff
  • Bakewell Tart lotion bar


Now that Spring is upon us, the last of the Fall scents will be moved to the clearance section of the store. All remaining Autumn Morning and Pumpkin Spice products will be discounted until they are sold.

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